School life gives you the most cherishable memories in anyone's life. St. Thomas School classrooms, desks, benches, black boards, teachers, classmates, verandah, trees and even the electric post in the middle of the playing ground all will have to say some kind of stories. Here in this blog I would like to bring in the memories of my school "St. Thomas higher secondary school", Coimbatore. Whoever has been a part of this school are welcome to share their memories as well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who are/were your favorite teachers in St. Thomas?

Actually most of them... the best thing in St. Thomas HSS, CBE is that its blessed with the very best teachers... very dedicated and caring too. They were not those who just teach the text book and gave out question papers.... but worked towards the wholesome education of the students...encouraging the extracurricular activities, helping to chose the higher studies and career, very much supporting during exam time...

I am talking about the teachers of those days.. wonder if they are still in the school.. I left the school around 18 years back!!

Leela teacher - who introduced me to this school.  More than a teacher, she cared me as a mother, a tutor, a guide.

Chandrika teacher of Malayalam department stood all above as a person, as a teacher. Those choir practicing session, pookkalam competitions, inter school competitions.. you can see her sprinting around... she radiates this energy to her students too... She did not just teach Malayalam, but made her students love the language and its literature.

Philipose sir... who knows the ABC of the school.. he loved nature and inspired the students to plant more trees. He began green club those days and encouraged us to bring one sapling each from home. I planted a Eucalyptus near the gate.. and watered it till the day I left the school... is it still there?

Kuriakose sir and Ragini teacher - another two energy packages. More than teachers, they were friends to us.  Very enthusiastic and "sportive!"

Radhakrishnan Sir... who taught science has life! and life is to LIVE!!! His guidelines those days still help me taking decisions.

Mathai sir - He is so keul! Anyone has seen him getting angry? (maybe Molly teacher.. but I bet no one else!).

Santha teacher - The scientist of St. Thomas HSS.  She gave us a feeling being in a higher study class even in those upper primary classes... taking us to the labs and showing us proof why we should believe in science.

Mercy teacher - Who brought a "chemistry" to my life. She dint just teach chemistry, but taught us how to be systematic and be clear in answers.. many study techniques too.

Many more.. .. to be continued...

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